muffinsSome things are inevitably vegetarian, even vegan e.g. our jams are made from fruit, sugar and nothing else.  We do not list these under "vegetarian", however as it clutters up the listing.  What we do list are things like those cakes and pastries which do not contain lard or gelatin.

Be aware that our interpretation of vegetarianism is that no animals have died in its production.  They may still contain animal products such as milk, eggs and butter.  All our products have a complete list of ingredients so you can check for compliance with your own personal philosophy.

To see our vegetarian offerings click on start shopping and then on the grey "vegetarian" tab

Examples: fruit crumbles, fruit muffins, bread pudding, eccles cakes, fruit cake, flapjack, cheesecake, sourdough bread, victoria sponge, wholemeal bread, kombucha, chocolate, runner bean and mushroom bake, sticky toffee cake, elderflower drizzle, buckwheat and walnut loaf, apricot and sultana cake, mini baguette, nut roast, hot cross buns, simnel cake, peanut butter cookies, cheese olives, apple and hazelnut bread, butter tarts, schnecken, pizza, millionaires shortbread, panetone, stollen, christmas cake, polish christmas bread, mince pies, soup, cocoa and coconut cake, pastel de papas, quiche, biscotti, spelt and linseed bread,