Country Markets

chocolate cakeCountry Markets is a non-profit co-operative where the things we offer are made with love by people who care.  We have a wide range of foods, crafts, plants and garden produce.  Everything is produced at home.  Nothing is bought in for resale.

 Full details of times, locations etc. can be found on the West Midlands website

 The Hub showcases both our own home-produced goods and those of selected local artisans.  The platform we use is provided by the Open food Network.

Privacy Policy West Midlands Country Markets does not keep records of customer details. We invite you to read our privacy policy.
Country Markets Hub is run by West Midlands Country Markets which is a Cooperative defined as a Benefit to the Community (Bencom) under the Industrial Provident Act of 1968.

West Midlands Country Markets Ltd
Registered in England & Wales Reg No: IP 21638R

Registered Office: Balsall Common Village Hall, Station Road, Balsall Common. CV7 7FF

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Or telephone us at 07929860368