Join us

Both for local artisans and Country Market producers, putting your goods on the Hub makes sense.  There's no joining fee, it's easy to do and your only committment is to drop off the goods at the market when you get an order.

Country Markets is a non-profit organisation.  We are setting up the Hub to get people through the door.  The 15% commission we charge covers any on-line payment fees and the balance is ploughed back into the Hub & Country Markets as a whole.

If you are a local artisan we will put links on our site to your website & social media (and we hope that you will reciprocate).  This boosts standing in the search engines.


Country Markets producers are covered by Country Markets insurance.  Independant local artisans will need to have their own public liability cover.

Ready to go? Here's how to proceed

  • Signing Up
    How to sign up to the Open Food Network so you can join our hub
  • First steps
    Putting your details into the Dashboard
  • Posting your products
    How to put in the details of your products
  • Editing
    How to change details on products you have already entered
  • Orders
    What to do when you get an order.
  • Advanced
    A few extra tools you may want to make use of.