No added gluten

warning: all our products are made in domestic kitchen where wheat and other allergens are present.  None of our products are guaranteed "free" of any allergen.  Under the "gluten-free" tab we offer products with no gluten-containing ingredients in the recipe.

kombuchaIf you simply wish to reduce the amount of gluten in your diet as a life-choice you can quickly and easily list those offerings which have no gluten-containing ingredients in their recipe.  We don't clutter up the list with obvious no-added-gluten products, e.g. jams.  No-added-gluten chutneys are listed, however, as some chutneys and pickles contain malt vinegar and some don't.  All our products have a complete list of ingredients so you can check for yourself what they contain.

To see our no-added-gluten products simply click on start shopping and then click on the grey "gluten-free" tag (bear in mind the warning in red at the top of this page)

Examples: kombucha, chilli con carne, chutney, soup, pastel de papas