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Henley Chocolates

Henley Chocolates is the Warwickshire home of hand crafted artisan chocolate. The Country markets hub offers a selection of Sally’s most popular chocolate range. You will find her chocolate in Bentley Heath, Balsall Common and Wythall and Hollywoods’s hub.

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Chickens of Brum

Chickens of Brum are passionate about chicken keeping and breed quality chickens and bantams for keeping as pets, breeding, showing and eggs.  Chickens of Brum have a wide range of interesting breeds, some specialist. All of our chickens are quality stock, vaccinated and wormed. They are free range, roaming freely in our three acres of land. We sell hatching eggs, chicks, young chickens up to point of lay. Chickens of Brum are very happy to show you around so you can see for yourself and make the right decisions for you. Chickens of Brum offer free-range chicken and quail eggs through the Wythall and Hollywood hub. Go to the Wythall hub and look under the “eggs” tab

Breads and baking

Delicious freshly-baked breads, cakes and cookies from our own country markets producers. Find them in all four of the Country Markets Hubs under “Bread and Baking”

Ready meals

From our own Country Markets cooks you can get savoury foods to see you through the week. All are freshly cooked and can be eaten either straight away or they can be frozen for later. We have pizzas and quiches right now and other tasty dishes. They can be found in Bentley Heath, Balsall Common and Wythall Hub under the category "Ready meals" and “Other Foods”. Don't forget you can use more than one search term at a time, including ones for special dietary needs.

Preserves and pickles

Jams, chutneys, marmalade, pickles -you’ll find them all in the Wythall, Bentley Heath and Balsall Common hubs under the tab “Preserves and Pickles”