Finwood Hill Farm

Finwood Hill Farm is set around a sixteenth century farmhouse,which was the hub of a working farm for hundreds of years. About 30 years ago the 20th century farm buildings were demolished and it became a residential property surrounded by land rented out to a neighbouring farm.  

We now have a herd of 50 pedigree Dexters and a small herd of Gloucester Old Spot pigs, not mention our little flock of mainly rare-breed hens and half a dozen Khaki Campbell ducks.

We run the farm on very "old fashioned" lines and, while we have not applied for organic status, we try to rear our animals in as natural way as possible, without resorting to chemicals or medication except when it is humanely necessary to do so. We try to maintain closed herds with minimum risk of infection from outside. Our cattle are not fed any intensive feed stuffs and eat only grass, supplemented in winter by hay and silage cut from our own fields.

Finwood Hill Farm animals are:

Born on the farm

Raised on the farm

Sold from the farm