What’s Country Markets?

Country Markets are a place for friends to meet & have a good cup of coffee or tea with a home-made cake in a sociable atmosphere.  

At Country Markets everything is home-made, home grown and hand-crafted.  Nothing is bought in for resale.   Our producers enjoy the camaraderie of this informal market.

At the same time the goods on display are attractive and unique.  Whether it is for yourself or for a gift you will always find something special.

What is the Hub?

There are local artisans who do make a living from their work.  Formerly they were excluded from Country Markets but now, through the Hub, their goods can be offered online and collected from the markets.  Now you can support a wide range of skilled artisans without having to travel all over the county.  Because we are a non-profit organization we can keep the charges for our services to a minimum.  Everyone gains -the customer,  the artisan and the market itself as more people come through our door.

Our online shop front is run on open-source software managed by the open food network, itself a non-profit organization.

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